Evaporative Air Conditioning WA – Supply and Installation

If you live in Western Australia you know how hot it can get. Thankfully, there’s an economical way to cool your home – and that’s evaporative air conditioning.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative ducted air conditioning is ideal for the Western Australian Climate. You will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, every night. Supplying fresh air via a CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning system will cost around half the amount of a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system to install, whilst costing you a fraction of the amount to run.

Hearth House Cool Breeze

CoolBreeze – The Ultimate Evaporative Cooling System

Hearth House supply and install West Australian-made CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioners. CoolBreeze units are made in Welshpool and have been proudly WA owned for over 20 years.

CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioners have earned their spot as an industry leader because they are:

  • Affordable – only half the price of a ducted refrigerated system.
  • Long lasting – the average life is 15 – 20 years.
  • Low running costs – at around 10 cents per day to operate.
  • Low maintenance – recommend servicing every two years.
  • Affordable to repair – a fan motor, water pump and a control board.
  • Long-lasting filter pads – pads only need to be replaced every 8 years.
  • There are a number of other brands available, but we believe the CoolBreeze is the best.
Hearth House Colours

CoolBreeze Product Range Information

Made inPerth WAPerth WAPerth WAPerth WA
This model suits Budget conscious buyers, Rental propertiesPeople wanting the best system with all the featuresPeople wanting all the features and a roof hugging unitPeople who are on small blocks and concerned with even the lowest noise
Parts availableIf required - yesIf required - yesIf required - yesIf required - yes
Area treated90m² - 195m²95m²- 255m²125m² - 240m²95m – 255m²
Number of models46410
Maximum number of outlets with largest model10121112
QuietYesYesYesYes - Quietest
Number of colours4555
CoolCell pads - longer life, greater efficiency75858585
ControllerEM wall controllerQM wall controllerQM wall controllerQM wall controller
Controller optionsNilQA or the Wi-Fi suitable QCQA or the Wi-Fi suitable QCQA or the Wi-Fi suitable QC
Standard Warranties and extended options25(10)5(10)5(10)
Installation Warranties5555


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