Rinnai Flued Gas Heaters

If you need to just heat one room and have specific requirements for installation, Rinnai Flued Gas Heaters are the perfect solution.

4.8 Star Energy Rating – Available in Natural Gas and LPG

When you’re in a situation where you aren’t allowed to use a portable gas heater, or you don’t have the budget to operate an electric or oil column heater, Rinnai Flued Gas Heaters can help you warm your home.

Rinnai Flued Gas Heaters, also known as “Rinnai Energy Savers”, use Direct Vent technology. This allows the air for combustion, as well as burnt gas to be expelled via the flue. The air in the room remains free of gas contamination.

A Rinnai Energy Saver gas heater comes 13mj up to 37mj models. The Rinnai 309FT 13mj flued gas heater will heat up to 42m². The Rinnai 309FT will ramp down to 6mj.

5-Year Warranty

Every Rinnai Energy Saver gas heater comes with a 5-year warranty.

Ultimate Comfort Control

Rinnai Energy Savers are all electronic thermostatic controlled.

They are also supplied with a humidity tray. By adding water to this tray, the humidity in the room is maintained, making the room feel warmer and more comfortable.