Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted gas heating is a great heating solution for you home, because it can be installed alongside an evaporative air conditioner.

Heat Your Entire Home

Ducted gas heating uses natural gas or LPG in order to heat your home. The systems are located in the roof and the burnt gas is expelled through a flue.

It works by passing cool air over an external heating unit and pumping through your home, efficiently and safely. The air is then sucked back up and recirculated through the system again.

This means that separate duct work and outlets are required with a ducted gas heating system.

Zoning Options Available – Complete Heating Control

Most ducted gas systems can now be zoned, which means that you can turn on the heat for certain rooms (or zones) only, to save on energy costs.

These systems also allow you to set a timer, so you can come home to a warm home at the end of the day.

There are various star ratings for ducted gas heaters. The higher the star the more efficient the system.


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