Gas Hot Water Installation WA

Gas water heaters are some of the most common kinds of water heaters, due to their reliability and efficiency. As technology has progressed, newer kinds of water heaters have emerged, but gas furnaces remain tried and true methods of hot water heating.

Ultimate Control


The Rinnai Infinity have wall controllers that allow the operator to set a water temperature. This means that there is no need to mix cold water into the hot water, which allows you to save water and energy.


The new Rinnai Infinity Touch is supplied with a remote control, so you can set the temperature from anywhere in the home.


Don’t want to wait for warm water out of the tap? By installing the Rinnai SmartStart, you’ll be able will pump the water around the pipes in the home.


The Rinnai Infinity has no pilot light and only turns on when you want hot water. This means there is no unnecessary waste of gas, which saves you on costs.

Rinnai Systems – Rinnai Infinity


At Hearth House we are able to supply and install Rinnai gas hot water systems. When it comes to gas hot water systems, the ideal system is the Rinnai Infinity.


The Rinnai Infinity is an instantaneous gas hot water system that will never run out of hot water. They are available four models – from a 16-litre flow system suitable for 1 shower and 1 tap running, to the 32-litre flow system, where 3 showers can be operated at the same time.


The Rinnai Infinity is small so can be installed in homes with space limitations and delivers the water at mains pressure, even though it is an instantaneous system.

Hearth House are able to also supply and install the Rinnai Infinity Builder’s model.


Hearth House Rinnai Infinity Brochure