Heat Transfer Systems

When a gas fire or a wood fire is installed into the average residence, quite often the warming benefits of the fire is not felt in all the rooms of the home. This is where a heat transfer kit can really help.

Ducted Heating Throughout Your Home

At Hearth House, we can design and install a heat transfer kit to heat your entire home.

We place an outlet in the room where the fire is located and draw the warm air through duct work, located in the roof space to other rooms.

The most effective way of doing this is by having an inline fan that can be turned on or off.

This fan will draw the air though the duct work.

Ultimate Control – Zoning Options Available

Hearth House have also installed systems with “zones” to allow you the control to direct heat into certain rooms and avoid it in others.

Talk with one of our Comfort Consultants for more information.