Evaporative Air Conditioning Service

Hearth House Evap Service

Hearth House carry out servicing of evaporative air conditioners through out the Perth region and see systems in various conditions.

Some are clean and ready to provide cool fresh air when switched on.

Others we are amazed have not been looked at in years, if ever.

On a recent serviced an old Braemar evaporative air conditioner on a home in the Perth hills the filter pads were in such poor condition, they simply fell apart as we removed them.

It is important that the pads are cleaned at least every two years and replaced when they are worn (5-7 years usually) as the pads are where the evaporation process takes place. Poorly functioning pads will reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner, reduce air quality; and, if badly degraded like these pads, may reduce the life of your air conditioner. 

The annual service of the system should entail the unit been cleaned and the pads should be sprayed down to clean out all the dirt trapped in the honey comb. Electrical components should be tested and ensure there are no bare wires as well as cleaning down the motor and spraying it with protective lubricants. 

Air Group are Perth based suppliers of pads, located in Welshpool where you can purchase parts for Cool Breeze units and filter pads for any brand of evaporative.